Washington ready to strike Syrian army, fires threats at UN

US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley has warned that the US will take action in Syria on its own if the UN Security Council fails to do so. The official cited last year’s attack on a Syrian airbase as an example of possible US action.

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Comment (45)

  1. Just a matter of days till you see the CNN headline Syria gases it's own people again (even though it will be a known set up false flag). The US will bomb Syria harder as a response and if on the odd occasion a US Jet is shot down by Syrian air defences or Russian S300 missile defence, you can bet they will say the US has been attacked and then go to all out war.

  2. It wasn't the Syrian government who used chemicals weapons on its SOLDIERS, not civilians, but mostly its soldiers. It was the rebels armed and supported by the US government that used the chemical weapons. Another lie made up by the USA to make the sheeple side with WW3.

  3. The SAA/Russian/Iranian/Hezbollah forces have liberated Syria completely the US/Israeli government are pathetically trying to anything possible to stop the SAA/Russian/Iranian/Hezbollah/force in their fight against Western Backed Radical Terrorists.

  4. LOL. When is Washington NOT ready to strike another country? The US has been involved in conflict after conflict in other countries since WW2 all in the name of imperialism, oops I mean "democracy". In case everyone forgot the US has already killed Syrian Soldiers fighting terrorist in THEIR OWN COUNTRY and killed at least 300 Syrian civilians. The US has NO moral ground to say anything the UN should listen to, but of course, will ignore that is the US is in Syria illegally under INTERNATIONAL LAWS. WTF? 🤨

  5. The zionist running our country behind the curtains! Israel wants usa to attack syria and iran as it stands against the pipeline they want to run thru the zone.

  6. watch out, we may witness another Chemical attack in near future as always done by Rebels in order to give the US military a strong reason to stay in Syria, we can see now how US Rebel investment lost

  7. The U.S. plan for Syria is the same as Libya control by terrorist so they could take all the resources n do what they want when they want

  8. US/UN/NATO: three of the largest terrorist organizations in this world. NATO: war crime: bombing of Libya back to slave trading times. US: war crimes: arming and abetting ISIS/Al Nusra, the illegal invasion of Iraq, currently, the US is ILLEGALLY in Syria. Now the UN threatens Syria. When will the endless war(s) stop?

  9. Petro-yuan + Russian election + FIFA 2018 in Russia + Defeat of terrorists in Syria + Iran's influence in Medeast + Global shift from dollar to gold.
    Thats why the west will start a war under any pretext.

  10. i can not stand that Indian-American bitch
    called Nikki Haley.
    The United States is not welcome in Syria,
    they are sponsoring the wahabbi terrorist
    so that they can overthrow Assad.

  11. It disgusting what America is doing to Syria look at this poor people it their country leave them alone Thank God Russia is there to make the Syrian children's have a bright future.

  12. It's beyond joke now how American using UN council….. I too now really wished there will be a nuclear war and Boom the SHIT OUT the so called USA the real terrorist with it's puppet JEW'S…. Those were the time when I questioned myself, why Israelis / JEW'S were very much hated? Now I am very CLEAR Why….. God's own Choosen people are a CURSE for human race on the face of the EARTH…. I don't really understand God!!!!!

  13. I listened to this , i thought what a hypocritical bitch , the only country who has been blowing the crap out of civilians in Syria and Iraq in the us and they western allies , i could not believe the shit coming out of her mouth , this is all because the legitimate Government backed by its alley Russia is defeating the us backed Islamic terrorists , Long live Russia.


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