Trump vows largest tax cut in the history of this country

President Trump discusses his plans for tax reform on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. Americans can be proud. stand with your president no matter what. I'd do so if I was a US citizen.
    Tax cuts means more money around. Prices of goods can be lowered to be competitive globally too. Remember to buy American to recycle money and sustain your businesses. Lower taxes also attract foreign investment and talent. Sound plan.


  3. Trump must deliver on taxes. If he fails on taxes, his presidency will be a complete failure. He needs to focus 100% of his attention on this issue for the rest of his presidency.

  4. They hide their money out of the U.S., stop lying. They wash their money thru shell companies. Stop lying trump and your state TV Fox. Fake news leader.

  5. Trump is piggybacking off of Obama. The whole reason we have a large deficit, is because of tax cuts for the rich and corporations. We had to bail out banks and wall street with our money. And now trump is giving them more money. You trump supporters need to educate yourselves please. C'mon, how many more times does he have to lie to you to wake up.

  6. I hope it includes us aarp citizens who has grown children and still work 12 hour days five days a week….im so excited…i love Trump!

  7. and by God we the small percentage of the electorate that was watching while informed ,We who voted for Trump and obstinately for Bernie We as a group a party if you will have DESTROYED all three parties on the ballot in all 50 states …with increased pressure we may get a better government … no one reports that by the way but look around

  8. I figured it out. All of the dems donors are pissed off that the tax cut doesn't go to them but goes to their employees and to their businesses. Watch out for embezzlement! Get rid of the rhinos of the US Senate! First target for voting out Senator john mccain!

  9. you never know whos who in war, & we are at war with the media, & all that do not support our President Trump

    never stop campaigning our great leaders , please stay strong

    it seems like everything that the left & demoncrats accuse the right of they're guilt of that

  10. If Hilary was president imagine what would happen to our gun rights! The Las Vegas massacre wouldn’t be anything compared to the crime rate going up any shootings anywhere couldn’t be stopped until the police arrived. People need to understand that a lot of our shootings could be stopped if 2 people where armed with a concealed carry license or had a gun to defend there peers. Las Vegas couldn’t have been since the guy shot himself before anyone could do anything so that’s an exception.

  11. You people are retarded. Unless you have hundreds of millions you are all fucked. Trump is only in the White house to help himself his family and a few friends. You have all been lied to. Reagan's tax cuts damn near bankrupted the country and created the greedy yuppies that scammed wall st.. Don't you remember. I do. You all need to read a history book so you will actually know something.

  12. Hey, “president” trumpet! You’re never going to get those tax cuts through Congress, you lying, pig-eyed sack of shit. Where’s all the WINNING, dipshit?

  13. Someone asked “you are Hispanic how can you support trump?”
    I said “I was going to do anything possible to NOT have another Clinton in the WH”… Trump may not be the most ethical or well spoken President (not a lawyer politician) but his heart is in the right place. He cares about the American people , specially working class & veterans. I’m not anti-democrats because the first time around I voted for Obama. I’m against anyone that is ANTI-AMERICA. I love God, I’m pro-life, and I love my beautiful America.

  14. This is class war. Trump wants to take from the middle class and working class to give to the rich…..and these people are clapping in the background lol

  15. This idiot has done nothing but fail, alienate allies, waste money, embarass himself, fire his own hires, drop a bomb on nothing, Tweet unhinged mental shizz, get owned by his own Party and Tweet us into nuke watch. This treasonous piece of shit is a disaster and his white trash cult lick his feet.

  16. Foxnews got on trending because they critised trump now closet racist liberals are swarming the channel, hopefully some them will be able to pull head out of their pompous ass

  17. But first you need, Sir, to tax the unearned/ casual incomes of Hollywood, NFL "stars", singers, comedians …
    Add a 10% surcharge to tax on incomes above $ 100000/ year, to be sent to the hurricane relief funds

  18. jesus jumped up christ the leftist trolls are out in force here tonight. love president trump,love what he's doing, and i look forward to the gop retaining house and Senate in 2018 (minus all the neocons) and look forward to president trumps reelection in 2020 and look forward to all the tasty,salty,progressive liberal sjw tears that will flow like a river.

  19. These idiots cheering about the market being up lol.
    Like it will have any positive effect on their miserable lives.
    Trump ain't on your side you fools!

  20. mr.president Im tired of winning please no more. my profits from my business is 300% up since you
    were elected. Trump: no we will keep winning and buy a lot of popcorn we will watch these liberals have their own episodes of mental breakdown and show the world how much of a hypocrite they are. hollywood liberals first. ok mr. president!!!

  21. I cant believe people actually think he is capable of working the congress. He is proven time and time again he is incompetent.


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