Trump defending former White House staff secretary Rob Porter

Jennie Willougby, one of Porter’s ex-wives, recounts her own anguished response to the President’s remarks.

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  1. ABC Communist NWO News! Time to help North Koreans take back their freedom. We have been conditioned by MSM to allow this travesty of human abuse and now to admire and honour it… It's not okay; it's far from okay; it's inhumane; it's the very definition of horror and insanity.

    The enemy of humanity we call the MSM, fawns over Kim Yo Jong, queen of North Korean consentration camps, murder, public executions, starving families and slavery. It's a mockery of how far we've allowed corruption to rule everything.

    The globalist, NWO, MSM include: CNN, NYT, Jeff Bezos Washington Post, NPR, ABC, NBC, PBS, Wall Street Journal. Supported and disseminated by big tech: Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter.

    You MF are sick to the core, Orwellian communists. Humanity is waking up and you are losing this global revolution. What do you think will happen as humanity realizes the whole truth via whistleblowers, data dumps and memos?

    Will you all be hung for treason? Make your stand and place your bets! Now that everbody can talk to everybody, truth can't hide anymore.

  2. How big of a fight did Rob Porter and his wife Colbie Holderness married 5 years have that day 10 years ago , Lets see the police report and the conviction.

  3. Trump not merely claims that she is a liar. The implications is that she lied to the FBI, a serious crime, (ask George Stephanopolos) with a risk of imprisonment. She should talk to a lawyer about suing Trump for claiming that she lied and committed a serious criminal offence.

  4. Liar in Chief, Pusey Grabber Extraordinaire, Dodgy Draft Dodger, Charlottesville's Apologist, etc etc is at again as usual, lie talking & spreading bullshit, confusion division, suspicion, hatred and lies, supported by The Republican Party as America daily weakens its moral and political influence.

  5. Republicans love their wife beaters, Nazi's and pedophiles. In many way's Trump has allowed them to really express their deeply held beliefs.

  6. I love the liberal crybabies. Never had one bad thing to say, or anything to say for that matter, about Trump, until they didnt get their way with Bernie and the free stuff. And suddenly hes a racist and a wife beater. LMAO!!!!
    Poor poor little DemoKKKrats. You do know, that you are free to pack your bags and leave, right? The only thing stopping you is Mexico isnt handing out 'Bama phones and free cheese are they? Or go to Canaduh. They enjoy freeloaders. Head on up that way.

  7. What a Fine President we got..He has filled the Whitehouse with Liars..Pedophiles..Wife Beaters
    .Money Laudering Criminals Russian agents…and Whores..Make America a Gutter Again..Good Job Mr Pussy Grabber🐵

  8. This asswipe's only achievement in the WH has been and will only be the tax cuts, which pretty much only benefited him and the rest of corporate greed america.

  9. When a NFL player takes a knee to protest the senseless brutality of police officers (mostly white) he's a son of a bitch! But if a white house staffer beats the shit out of his wife, he's a great guy with a bright future! Donald Trump is the most worthless President in US history!

  10. Wow ABC news get your reporting straight. Trump said that she could be a liar, because there is no empirical evidence to support her claims. The only evidence she has is her own testimony and one picture of a bruised eye (which, by the way, could have been self-inflicted or be an injury from an accident).

  11. Why the Dems so concerned about this dirtbag wife beater and not the coup that has been uncovered? The FBI and Intel communities are working with Dems to take down an American President (who cares if you like Trump or think he is a piece of shit) Think about what these people are trying to do to America and your children's future (can you say civil war and your children will be dying on the streets of America. Yes white kids and not just the black ones). Then you have Obama visiting all these heads of state in foreign countries after he is out of the Whitehouse. Why? he is ensuring them to stay calm and not to panic during the American coup. He, Obama and team will seat Hillary as president. MAY THE WAR AND KILLING BEGIN HERE IN AMERICA!

  12. Sexual abuse is not just a political issue, it is an issue to today's society. Trump is still one of the extreme examples, and I read so many news articles about President Trump behaving women on the wrong side.


  14. Trump is a Asshole and Spineless, but don't except anything less from from him ,because he is no better than these Lowlife that abuse their wife's and beat them. GET RID OF THIS PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AND CHEETER.

  15. for someone that publicly shames people for being unpatriotic and 'un-american', he surely doesn't show the office much respect.

  16. Of all the ways for Trump to be ousted from office, being embroiled in a scandal involving domestic abuse and violations of security protocols would have a certain poetry to it, given how he's treated women his whole life, and how the Republicans still scream about Hillary Clinton mishandling classified info. I think at this point it's more of a race between scandals as to which one takes his admin down. Did he knowingly allow secure information to pass through the hands of someone that could never get a security clearance? Did he knowingly allow his campaign to coordinate with Russian agents? Did he intend to obstruct justice when he fired James Comey? Was he involved in large scale money laundering before being elected? Did he sexually assault multiple women over his lifetime? And so very many others…

    I have a feeling Donald Trump will find becoming President of the United States was the biggest of a lifetime of mistakes, because it's the one that brings him down and exposes all the previous others. I wonder if he'll watch his empire collapse from behind bars, or sitting in a New York gutter. I'm happy with either one. Let him waste away somewhere, unmourned, unmissed, and as a footnote to historical scholars as an example of how bad things got before humanity got it's collective shit together.

  17. Just wait until Hope Hicks shows up to work at the White house with a black eye..
    I'm surprised Cory Lewendowski didn't Smack Hicks around when he was sleeping with her last year.
    And whats up with Hope Hicks sleeping around with theses top White house staffers?
    Is she using her position as her own personal Tinder app?

  18. We have to look no farther than Trump, he was having a affaire with a porn actress just after his 3rd wife gave birth to his 5th child from 3 different women, he has 19 women that accuse him of various types of sexual improprieties, supported a pedophile Senate candidate, his first wife, Ivana accused him of rape in court documents..
    He was caught on video and audio saying how he attempted to have sex with married women and bragging about how he can "get away with it" (grabbing women by the puzzies) and now he acts like Rob Porter is a victim..
    America Deserves Better than Trump.


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