Trump cites poll that says 57% of Americans question his mental fitness

President Trump tweeted a recent Quinnipiac poll that said 66% of Americans think the economy is doing well. The same poll gave him a poor score for his mental fitness.

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  1. Even if I did believe in your polls which I don’t. I would much rather have Trump doing a good job and being disliked rather than doing a bad job and being liked.

  2. Funny because 57 % of voters ALSO voted for hillary clinton.. Is it safe to say theyre still salty from the election? I THINK SO!

  3. As usual Trump is right, of course. He very probably is a genius, although not of the academic sort, and he must be extremely stable to cope with the insanely reckless slandering running 24/7 on MSM.

    What so many habit bound dimbulbs finds offensive about him is his outspokenness and his dismissal of all the dreamy illusions which lead us nowhere for three decades.

    On all practical parameters he's doing exceptionally well, and that goes for foreign politics, too. He's exactly what America needed to roust deep state, curb rampant, destructive corruption, give a good shake to complacent, overpaid and lazy MSM – and what the world needed to begin handling the real problems!

    I don't give a flying fig for the media pundit evaluations. What do they know about leadership? They've fx been talking and talking about "the Middle East peace process" for thirty year now – but a process requires that something actually moves! Nothing did until Trump, and they blame him for their deluded state of mind? Infantile dimbulbs the entire bunch of them is what I say! Drop all the talking heads and give us reporters of facts and who can perform a neutral interview of anyone! Take out the trash.

  4. Thought we the people learned that the Hee Haw news polls are nothing but grade A bullshit over a year ago. What's it called when someone makes the same mistake over, over, over . . . ?

  5. An attempt to impeach based on the 25th amendment will fail BIG time, just like everything else you throw at our POTUS!!!!!

  6. You people do understand that people are taking names, don't you?

    How unfortunate if anything were to happen to you or your loved ones.


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