The evolution of Steph Curry becoming the face of the Warriors | NBA Countdown | ESPN

Zach Lowe examines the evolution of Steph Curry as the superstar has become the face of the Golden State Warriors.

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  1. I will never get over the fact that Durant had a 3-1 lead over the Warriors and bricked his way out, and then joined them. Honestly we would have a much more interesting NBA landscape rn.

  2. Curry isn't just the face of the Warriors, he's also the face of the league right now. He makes teenage girls follow basketball. He's like the Justin Bieber of the NBA.

  3. "Fallen out of the MVP race"….Nigga he's 3rd in MVP ranking. Somebody come get their mans. Talking bout hes gonna "stay out". Dude aint out for the season only about 2-3 weeks. He's gonna shoot his way back into the race (saw what i did there) when he comes back.

  4. Ever since he lost the 2016 finals it’s like everybody just trashes him n it’s blasphemy to put him as mvp again smh.. remember KD jumped on Curry’s bandwagon not the other way around 💪

  5. Durant should be traded, id rather see just Curry, the guy goes back into his 2015/2016 form every time durants not there. He still as good as 2015/2016, hes just stepped back ever since then.

  6. If I was curry, I'll stay out until January of next year. No since of coming back in two weeks.. you're to valuable my guy.. rest up and get well..

  7. 26.3/5.5/6.6 with 2 steals a game while leading or being top 10 in every major advanced metric. He lowered his turnovers to 2.9 and he is shooting an insane 55.5% from mid range, he adjusted because his 3 pt shot is at 38% (in great part due to the finger injury on the shooting hand he has been dealing with). It's hilarious when casuals try to undermine him and say he only shoots 3's when he is clearly a vastly complete player. It bothers me he'll miss 2 to 3 weeks because he had a legitimate chance of being MVP the way he was playing, especially lately he was on a ascendent trajectory, but the goal is the ship so i only hope he heals completely and continues to write NBA history.

  8. To those who says it's KD team needs to check up on some facts. Kerr offense is built around Curry and runs through Curry

  9. He will finish his career as the 2nd best PG to EVER play the game after Magic. I dont assume he will ever pass Magic but thats OK. Imagine you drafting an all time best lineup from every era: Magic at PG, Jordan at SG, LeBron at SF and so on. You gotta put Curry on the bench to backup Magic in the all time great lineup. Thats as better as it can be for a "one little trick pony(!)"

  10. Had Durant not joined the warriors, I think Curry would have taken over Lebron as the face of the nba by now. Not saying Curry is better but he is more marketable to kids

  11. How can he be the face of the team if he's not even better than KD? Why did KD have to join Steph if he's better than him?

  12. Curry is an all time great and is better than Kevin Durant. I guarantee u that if kd retired rn the warriors would still win the finals.

  13. Steph took the crown off LeBron head…..he is the face of the NBA and when he wins another title this year he will be tied with 3 titles with that overated LeBron james…….

  14. My favorite player ever . Get well soon curry . Rest up and get ready for the real quest for your 3rd rings . On the way to legendary status 💯💯


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