Taylor Twellman: ‘We cannot do soccer the American way’

After his viral rant, Taylor Twellman tells SVP that he “feels worse” about the circumstances surrounding the USMNT not making the 2018 World Cup, blaming the country’s “arrogant” attitude toward the sport as a primary reason for the struggles.

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Comment (22)

  1. Hahhahaha this is funny"1:31 – we have the best leagues in this country" weeeelll you think that because others country are not that into those sports as you, if europe wanted to make a better NFL player they will do it with obviously the amount of time that it requires, FIBA players are a legit thread to NBA even though NBA still have the best players by far but as a group Europe players can put a stand, and baseball, welll Cuba and those caribbean countries had beat you without fancy leagues, Tenis you have a lot of players but after Sampras and Agassi retired you've failed to create another legend which is odd giving the amount of people that plays in the USA and how many good players are, best USA player is John Ishner, you call your leagues the best in the world but you never put them constantly test against other people in the world, is an egocentric culture that's for sure.

  2. More resources, Iceland population of only 329.000, "Stupid" Corpus christi qualifying…Holy sheit! This is the exact arrogance he complaining about. There's the problem with US soccer. You're fooling yourself that soccer is about how big you are, how much money you have and how powerful you are as a country. Get rid of the college based system. Disconnect all MLS teams from the MLS one "big group" system. It doesn't work. Let teams manage their own club. Right now all MLS teams kinda look the same. Because their all owned by the same owners / Investors. For the love of the game, start working with a promotion and regulation system. If you preform you stay if you don't you go. Puts much much more pressure on teams AND players. Let teams develop their own players.

  3. Americans don't care about soccer our best athletes play basketball and football and this will never change….we will never care about soccer on any level

  4. The US is trying to coach and mold soccer when soccer isn't about coaching or molding bc its a free flowing (no stoppage) team sport unlike basketball, football, or baseball. Players need to play and test their individual skills versus the top players in the world meaning go out there, forget about plays instead have the players create plays and opportunities themselves. Ever since LD was left off the team all I see from the US men's national team are set plays attempts from the outside to the box for an unlikely 50/50 ball. C'mon now, your players aren't 7ft tall with athletism so they aren't going to win those 50/50 ball. Seriously, players need to cut, react, and get into rhythm themselves instead of playing through the coaches playbook. In addition, shot placement and shot attempts are about the worst in the world, coaches need to stfu and let the players take those outside the box shots. The only thing that the coaches need to do is stop limiting the players, instead have the players play their game playground style. Fundamentals can only go so far.

  5. You do not find all great players in college that’s why the mls is garbage. Like many posts in here you find those great players in the streets. The scouting department needs to be upgraded to South American or Europeans background scouts. Why do you think these old ass almost retired players are dominating the mls that’s filled with college players.

  6. Mr Twellman,

    couldn't have said it better!!!  This is sad
    The investment in Europe in American sports is more sustainable then what the Americans are doing!!

    Maybe the americans should off just called it football. Like everybody else !!

  7. This was amazing Taylor was spot on. They need to make soccer more accessable to poorer kids. As long as you have the preppies playing soccer we will always be in the basement.

  8. We're never going to win playing the same way they do with inferior players. Our talisman is a regular player on other sides. Our understanding of the game holds us back more then our lack of talent. There are 20 guys working in a factory that can beat our NT. Open up the league.

  9. Fuckin disband the US mens team all together, no more embarrassing us on a National stage ya fucks. Take all the money they were supposed to get and give to the women's team, cuz they fuckin WIN

  10. If America took soccer seriously they’d fall in love with it, like the rest of the world does. The country that size should be able to find talent but they don’t. They players just ain’t good enough. If they set up a league structure similar to La Liga or the premier league then people would get into it more. It’s like when you see teams like Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid go over there the American players and coaches are in aura about how good they are.

  11. Keep the draft system, but also put down football fields for poor urban youth to play on. The poor have always been the source where legends were found


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