Taylor Swift: …Ready for It? (Live) – SNL

Musical guest Taylor Swift performs “…Ready for It?” on Saturday Night Live.


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Comment (37)

  1. Garbage music for sheeple who would buy this c*nts' crap if it was audio recording of her farts! "OmG her farts sound amazing" 😂

  2. The dancing was just awkward to this beat. The song is power and energy, but they're trying to dance sensually, I think? Lol! Why have all those back up dancers, when no one is really moving?

  3. Not a fan of this greedy bitch. Besides the fact that she's obsessed with herself her business tactics are just gross. Absolutely shameful. So yea, fuck off 🖕🏼

  4. So Ashlee Simpson gets torched for lip syncing on SNL, but Taylor Swift does it and everyone just pretends like they don't notice. Why does she always get a pass? And when will she ever actually own her actions? I thought that was what she would do with this album, but it was more of just passing blame and playing innocent. Fucking Ridiculous.

  5. Why? I don't understand! I like Taylor but why so much performance? What happened to singers just singing? We don't want a reproduction of your music video…..just way to much going on for SNL performance. No wonder singers like Adele are so popular. When you have the voice, you don't need all that's going on here. Light show, smoke, dancing…just way to much!

  6. don't get me wrong, I'm a swiftie and this performance is AMAZING, just a bit bumped that i can't really hear her live voice.

  7. All the people saying that she’s not good and lyp sincs are actually stupid it’s live if you don’t like her then leave no one wants your dumb comment for attention :))

  8. I would drag my dick through ten miles of broken glass to dig in Tay Sway’s ass with a spoon and eat whatever I scoop out.


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