Stephen A. Smith gives advice to Blake Bortles on LeBron James comparison | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith gives advice to Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles on his comments comparing himself to LeBron James.

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Comment (49)

  1. I hate Blake bortles but he doesn’t have apologize seriously? He was saying the best player in the nba people still says he sucks so why would he let people say he sucks. Way blown out of proportion

  2. Well I can say at least he ain't go to Miami dolphins to try and win his first ring or any other team like this bum lebooty lames.

  3. Y'all always trying to start some fucking trouble! He didn't mean that and everyone knows it! Everyone at ESPN is a fucking bitch! They only care about some fucking drama

  4. Why is he not in the film room or throwing a football thru a tire smh. Bortles has way more stuff to worry about.

  5. He didn't compare himself to LeBron James. He said if the best basketball player in the world LeBron James has haters then obviously he will have some and they won't shut up. Haters won't shut up about lebron James you think they're going to shut up about Blake bortles. He's not comparing himself to LeBron James. He's saying that obviously he will have haters if LeBron James has haters.

  6. Steven A is racist and biased towards white athletes and Max Kellerman is soft as baby shit. That last guy skip whatever his name was put that mother fucker in check every time

  7. Lol why do we have to fucking attack every little thing?? God humans suck. He didn't say anything wrong in fact it was a good analogy to use

  8. Screamin A Smith fishing for shit to make a big deal about smh. Bortles didn't mean it that way in his interview. Espn has nothing to talk about

  9. Blake bortles and LeBron james… in the same sentence.. this is trumps America people loll *jp but seriously.

  10. Wtf y’all didn’t get his comparison. He’s saying not on the same level and Bron and people still think Bron suck. Y’all slow if y’all didn’t get that.

  11. i mean I'm only 20 but I've never seen a qb only throw for 80 sum yards. that playoff game was boring to watch because of him.. like how are you inaccurate on screen passes ??

  12. Y'all sleep Molly been thick they just never show her lower half on here smh…but great utilization of your assets tho Espn bravo 👏👏

  13. People are digging way too deep into this lol. Blake’s whole point was, no matter what you do, there will be naysayers. LeBron is the best in the world and people still hate on him and say he’s not XYZ, so why wouldn’t anyone say the same about Blake Bortles?

  14. The craziest thing is Ima jaguars fan and I think Collin Capernick is a better QB than bottles. Blake is one of the trashest qbs I've seen in a long time just give the dam ball to Fornette and please don't give the Steelers a reason to stack the box and send the house at you

  15. He's giving "advice" to Athletes? idc if Blake was off on the comparison nobody should seek advice from SAs


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