Robert Mueller Reportedly Eyeing Deutsche Bank | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow looks at Deutsche Bank’s history with Russian money laundering, Donald Trump’s massive indebtedness to Deutsche Bank, and the news that Robert Mueller’s Trump Russia investigation is taking a closer look at the bank’s dealings.
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Robert Mueller Reportedly Eyeing Deutsche Bank | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Comment (23)

  1. It's all starting to come together now…Trump's entire empire is built on borrowed money he refuses to repay.  America banks run from him, so the Russians draw him into their money-laundering scheme through Deutsche Bank, planning to blackmail him with it once they help him become President.  Now Mueller has his balls in a vice, and it's turning!  😀

  2. If the orange assclown in the Goldman Scachs WH is the same as a tin god then so are all members of Congress because they are a co-equal branch of government.

  3. I am worried that Mueller is moving too fast. This is going to end no where as long as the Republicans control Congress. As much as I hate to say this, if we are going to see justice done, we need to wait until we vote in a Democrat Congress. There is no doubt what so ever that Republicans are going to ignore, downplay, obstruct, and do anything they can to derail their end of the proceedings after the investigation finds criminal/treasonous conduct. This is just not the right time to gather the harvest.

  4. Bi Bi and Kushner are being investigated for investments in illegal West Bank settlements, and other criminal activities .

  5. I whole HEARTILY congratulate { AUNT } Maxine Waters has endeavored to seek out the
    the immoral behavior of someone that is in place that is completely beyond his
    intelligence, skill set and immoral beliefs to perform in any manner lest of all
    as incompetently as done since taking the Oath of OFFICE ! ! ! !

  6. I was watching the (surprisngly very interesting, Citizenfour-like) documentary "Icarus" a couple of days ago. It shows control by the russian government on a cover-up operation. I'm wondering if they couldn't be doing the same kind of thing with this bank in Russia.

  7. “America playing checkers while Putin playing chess”” said another. I agree & it’s insane. Grateful for Mueller & pray for his safety. Thank you Rachel Maddox for keeping it clear for us.

  8. This is exactly how money was being laundered through the Trump Hotel in Panama. 100s of units being bought and sold (many of the transactions were from Russia) without anyone actually living in them. Of course the Trump organization claims total ignorance, which is total BS.

  9. Handelsblatt = trade (news)paper. The Handelsblatt is Germanys biggest newspaper in and about economy and trade. It is comparable to the Wall Street Journal in the US. It has a pretty credible Reputation in my country. Greetings from Germany

  10. No wonder why despots and tyrants are VOTED into power, like Hitler did; They were voted in by racists who secretly wanted to be ruled on like romans by their emperors. Trump tribers are the greatest disease on the 21st century.

  11. We would all have to be idiots to believe that Trump knew nothing about dealings with Russia. Trump has been totally involved from the beginning. To save his own skin he will
    …. throw his own kids …..under the bus, calling them liars . ….. Just wait and see.


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