RNC to help fund Roy Moore’s campaign

Fox News political contributor Tammy Bruce and Republican strategist Noelle Nikpour react to Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) resignation and the RNC backing the Roy Moore campaign.

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  1. Let the party of pedophiles (DEMOCRATS) cry. They have 0 moral high ground on this subject what so ever. Their party (Democrats) is embroiled in every kind of sleazy sex scandal known to man.

  2. that's where American people need to step up kick this sumbitch at office you like that old girl from the White House keep saying Alabama people need to get their head out of their ass kick this sumbitch to curve we will see

  3. Trump and G.O.P. is making history, Yep they are making America many things: Liers, supporter of the rich, paranoid child, supporter of child molester, and many more on the way…

  4. You elect a man who says he has nothing to ask God forgiveness for, his cabinet lie so much that they constantly vindicate Mueller's investigation, and you support a fucking child rapist. The good book says you will know them by their fruits, and I see nothing but sinful thorns.

    And the evil of Hilary and her democrat lackeys is a deflection, not an excuse. If you bring that up, all you are saying is that both sides are full of shit. I may be Liberal, but I don't support SJWs or Hilary the corrupt Clinton.

    Kudos to the Republicans who wash their hands of this, but the rest of you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. You support everything you claim to hate, yet hypocrisy is the least of your crimes.

  5. This republican 'strategist' still doesn't get it. The people have rejected globalist, elitist 'republicans' just as much as they have rejected the democrats. Looks like after Trump defeated fifteen of the best the republican party had to offer, they would have gotten a clue. Evidently thy haven't because they are fighting Trump's agenda just as much as the democrats.
    So you can raise a lot of money? Big deal. Luther Strange spent ten times as much as Roy Moore and he's sitting on the sidelines. Slow learners aren't you?

  6. ok so heres a quick history lesson for those OVER-EDUCATED modern liberal experts.. 1. its CHRISTMAS time and what does that mean? mostly the logical explanation is that the MODERN CALENDAR was started about this event! so before CHRISTMAS WAS INVENTED there was actually NO CALENDAR.. so what does this exactly mean to YOU WAY IN THE FUTURE?? you are an EXPERT LIBERAL Educated person that lives in the same exact world as this JESUS CHRIST PERSON.. SO WHO EXACTLY WAS THIS NEWBORN KING? and what happened? He was murdered by the ROMAN EMPIRE(anything to do with Roman Catholicism?) and then he just disappeared completely after that point because he was treated like a prisoner with NO RIGHTS and ?? now we have a Calendar and Christmas and Christmas carols about the NEWBORN KING.. so he must have been born and some religion like THE JEWISH RELIGION(hes supposed to be the KING OF THE JEWS in particular) decided he was their future bloodlines.. but then he was murdered and disappeared because of the ROMAN EMPIRE .. it just didnt work out but the Calendar was still started anyway?? hmm I guess the ROMAN EMPIRE had nothing to say about that? there was a special COMMITTEE to organize the WORLDWIDE CALENDAR? hmm sounds pretty un organized and ILLEGITIMATE


  7. Obviously the Moore campaign has the proof that Judge Moore is totally innocent of all charges, I knew it all along.That giant sucking sound you hear is the swamp draining. We hate government corruption, lies, cover ups, intimidation of witnesses, threatening people, and rigging of everything, spying on WE THE PEOPLE, manipulating the markets, such as pump and dump, insider trading, and all the rest. sealing of government records, classifying documents in order to hide crimes. And it is not a vast right wing conspiracy. If you are an outsider and are considering to run for a seat in Congress or the Senate please do so. If you will sign a pledge of loyalty to President Trump and his agenda. I don't care if you run as a democrat or republican. If this happens we stand the best chance ever of taking our country back. President Trump is just fundamentally transforming Obama land back into America, great job sir. I need your help. If you like my videos and comments pls subscribe. I will subscribe back to you. Thank you.

  8. The Republicans would reelect Convicted child molester Dennis Hastert if it ment keeping a seat in the house or senate.

  9. Flake looked like he didn’t want to be there. He should have been seated on a corner along with McCain, Graham, Corker etc., too many to name.


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