Play “You’ve Got Crabs” in VR180: Now Your Turn w/ Ivan Van Norman, Becca Scott, and more!

Better in a VR Headset!

Who has crabs? Do YOU have crabs? Join host Ivan Van Norman in VR180 with special guests Becca Scott, Leo Camacho, Kate Elliott & Satine Phoenix as they play the fun social deduction game “You’ve Got Crabs” from the creators of Exploding Kittens.

Now Your Turn is a brand new show that delivers a brief overview of game mechanics followed by a shortened live play of your favorite games using VR180 to fully immerse you in the 3D experience when wearing a VR headset. It’s like you are sitting at the table, playing games with your favorite Geek & Sundry talent!

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Ivan Van Norman: @Hydra_Lord
Becca Scott: @thebeccascott
Leo Camacho: @LeoZombie
Satine Phoenix: @satinephoenix
Kate Elliot: @KatersTweets

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Matthew Celia – Director
Robert Watts – Producer

Dyron Pacheco – Gaffer
Tyler Hart – Best Boy Electric

Cody Peterson – Sound Mixer

Michel Barrett – Production Assistant
Irakli Rekhviashvili – Production Assistant

Trace McNabb – Editor
Dominica Jordan – Now Your Turn Logo Design

Sean Becker – Producer
Dani Carr – Production Coordinator
Taralyn Frasqueri-Molina – Senior Enterprise Portfolio Manager
Maxwell James – Producer
James Miller – Executive Director, Distribution & Programming
T.J. Rotell – Producer
Amanda Sanchez – Director, Business & Legal Affairs

Executive Producer: Kevin Custer
Associate Producer: Nick Cicchetti
Business Development: Julia Hamilton Trost

Production Music Courtesy of

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Comment (22)

  1. I like the VR set up. Tried it with just a cheapo device for my phone and it still worked good, though I imagine I'd enjoy it much better had I just used my better quality PSVR instead. Could be interesting if we get some of this for TableTop Day…

  2. This is what we get here now ladies and gentlemen. All of the stuff people actually would want to watch is behind a fucking dumb alpha paywall, and we get this shit. Without Critical Role, G&S is dead.


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