Penn State hazing death: Former fraternity brothers face new charges

New charges were announced against 17 former Penn State fraternity brothers in connection with video from the night of pledge Tim Piazza’s death.

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  1. INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER???? Should be first degree murder, conspiracy, spoliation of evidence, intentional infliction of emotional distress–put them in jail and ruin their parents in a civil suit AND the frat's leadership AND PENN STATE.

  2. We have a current hazing case here in Philippines too. This sounds actually mild than what they did to the kid here where they tortured him to death. So sad.

  3. Why is alcohol poisoning something these fool clubs want TO MAKE young men do? Who wants to risk dying to be in a club except CRIMINAL GANG WANTABES? These sorority clubs are criminal gangs. Do you think this young man thought, ' Well, I am going to die tonight..what fun!'


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