Max Kellerman: Celtics’ success is hurting Kyrie Irving | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman says the Boston Celtics’ success without Kyrie Irving his hurting his value.

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Comment (44)

  1. lolololol max is on them GOOD drugs. we NEED Kyrie and Gordon which is why we got them… they got hurt and it just so happens that the guys that stepped up are NBA READY. they have a GREAT coach and can follow directions. they have drive, clutch and athleticism… can't cheat that. that's hard work… if Kyrie and Gordon never got hurt, these playoffs would look MUCH different.

  2. The point is this makes kyrie trade bait. They can get another piece they need for Kyrie. If kyrie was healthy u wouldn't get to see how good rozier is because he would only get a handful of minutes a game. This was a blessing in disguise for celtics actually. If I'm Boston I trade kyrie for kawai or another piece other than point guard that they need.

  3. Max is an idiot. Basketball is team sport and you work together. The team success doesn't mean Kyrie failure. Max is horrible sidekick. He is so pc and doesn't really know sports. He's an expert of the experience of watching sports but lacks the experience of playing

  4. Max is right tho. This Boston team is really good without Kyrie and don't need him to come out of the East potentially. But might need him in the final series but they gotta go pass Bron

  5. First off, Max gets off from talking shit about the Celtics all year so let him have his pleasure some way 😂
    Second, Kellerman is STILL petty from the beginning of the season with Kyrie’s interview so he NEEDS to talk shit on his name.
    Finally, Kyrie came here for a reason. His reason. Not what Max K think. What Kyrie knows.

    Kyrie is in a better situation now than he’s ever been in Cleveland AND EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS. Celtic’s success is only reassuring Kyrie that he’s made the right choice.
    Kellerbitch doesn’t know anything but howv to hate now 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  6. This assumes Kyrie provides no other value to the Celtics but points. Dude is a world championship in the locker room. Those kids learned a lot from him this year.

  7. Max is a idiot . Along with those who say Kyrie isn’t apart of the Top 10 bracket. For him to change his style of play COMPLETELY to accommodate the needs of the Celtics and still able to produce superstar numbers while still being a role player is amazing. DONT forget he is one of he main reasons our season ended 2nd in the conference . Let’s be real

  8. Shit if the C’s make the Finals I’d try to trade Kyrie this offseason. If they are good enough to win the east without him, what’s the point of paying 40 mil/year to a guy who won’t really be that much of a difference?

  9. Huh?.. are you sure kyrie is hurt??.. did they tell you?.. thats so childish man… kyrie should be happy.. because all of the youngsters of boston are improving alot… when the times kyrie back.. and hayward.. celtics is nothing but a scary team…
    So stop saying kyrie is hurt… so childish.. he should be happy.. dont tell me.. kyrie should ve happy if the celtics loss?.. thats bullshit… when kyries back… he can rest alot.. because hes back up is solid terry rozier.. espn trash wtf

  10. Boston is more about the system rather than the individual players. Yes Kyrie is better than Rozier – but how much better can Kyrie play than what Rozier has done? The star of this team is Brad Stevens – because it doesn't matter whose on the floor, in that system they will play well.

  11. Max is right in this sense, with Rozier playing like he is playing you can trade Kyrie and start Rozier with Smart backing him up and keep Larkin. Smart can play combo guard so he can backup Jaylen too. Get another two guard to fill the spot and then keep the rest of your team. Boston really has two expendable pieces in Kyrie and Hayward. Sad to say because Ky is my favorite player, but from a business stand point, it makes sense to trade him and continuously get younger if these Celtics challenge for a title this year.

  12. If C's can beat the Cavs with this roster they might have a shot at the warriors in 2019 when Kyrie and Hayward are healthy. Their bench will be the best in the NBA.

  13. Kyrie is a top 5 player, if he was available , no doubt the Celtics would even have a greater chance of getting to the finals, so what y'all saying about him not being there and actually being salty about it. nope he's glad, no wonder he is there watching the game


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