Max and Will debate if LeBron James and Cavaliers will beat Celtics in Game 2 | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman and guest Will Cain debate if the Cleveland Cavaliers can beat the Boston Celtics in Game 2.

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Comment (25)

  1. HAHA. Media is still pushing that cavs as a team isnt good bullcrap. that helped make me more money in rounds 1 and 2 but i thought they would give it a rest now, but after just 1 game they are right back to it. keep it up ESPN.

  2. I will say this will be like the Pacers vs. Cavs series, Cavs in 7. I'll also be a bit bold and say LeBron will hit a buzzer beater this series to win a game. You heard it here first!!! 😂😂😂

  3. Max are you not contradicting your statement, you are preaching lebron will get 40 15 and 15, how can he get 15 assist if his team mates not making shots? If lebron makes 40 and the 15 assist makes up for 40 points dont you think its not enough to beat the celtics? Dude think before you talk.

  4. why doesn't lebron do that against the warriors. lol all of a sudden he needs lose game 1s so he can see what how their playing him. Thats the fucken pathetic.

  5. Please someone PUNCH will shit faggot cain in the face. He needs to wake up from his fantasy world.. He thinks he so smart when he is so fucking stupid. I wont ever listen to a guy who says kevin durant is better than lbj thats just retarded. its like saying kobe is better than jordan. Because kobe can shoot 3s. In kevins and lebrons case Kd can shoot better… And beat lebron in the finals with a 73-9 fucking WIN TEAM. Will cain so stupid OMFG!

  6. LeBron for 40 tonight…easily…win…nada…Celtics win by 12…LeBron gonna score 16 to 18 in the first quarter…have an extended rest in the third…and will be too stiff and playing with tired key players (Love and Korver) in the fourth to sustain their half time lead

    Lue will use defensive player switch to get Morris off of LeBron and have Rozier defending him…Lue wants to double dip…wear down Rozier on the defensive side so he tires on the offensive

    Stevens has already identified this or will make adjustments at the half

  7. Lebron got beat. He wasnt gauging anything and thats why he dropped 15 with a bunch of turnovers. He got defended hard and the celtics showed up. Gauging is the worst lebron excuse ive heard yet

  8. Cleveland will lose this series against Boston LOL. Lebron James don't have enough scoring from his teammates to win. His teammates can't be depended on to score a lot consistently. Cavs defense is also terrible LOL. Boston is very good.


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