Max agrees with Rooney Rule investigation into Raiders’ Jon Gruden hire | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman agrees with for Rooney Rule investigation into the Oakland Raiders’ Jon Gruden hire.

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Comment (34)

  1. Your a clown, the Raiders hired the first Mexican head coach and the first black head coach. Weak!!!!! Talk about something else

  2. max… You're garbage.. without SAS you wouldn't be shit.. no-one wants you to make anything clear. For all the sports you watch, you're still a guppy. loser

  3. What bullshit! Raiders are the last team to fuck with about the Rooney Rule. First team to hire a Black coach, Hispanic coach, woman executive. We have a fucking black GM for Christ's sake! Fuck off Max!

  4. The minority USC OC coach they interviewed they brought back to talk about a wide receiver coaching position Rooney Rule satisfied

  5. Hire a minority, no story…. if the raiders liked the minority more, then he would have been hired… unreal what the world has become…

  6. If anybody looks at the history raiders they have done more than their fair due diligence with Rooney rule. For ex, art shell first black coach in the NFL. Tom Flores, and amy trask. This alliance group may need history lesson because I learned about theirs not so long ago.

  7. How can you just say they didn’t have a chance? Like what the fuck? Yes they’ve wanted him for ages now, they interviewed who they needed and they got who they wanted. You can’t expect there to be an even number of black and white coaches, given their population differences.

  8. max is a liberal pussy. who loves talking about black rights while enjoying the spoils as being white as a jar of mayonnaise.

  9. There trying to make it a rasict thing, when the raiders organization is the first organization to hire minority's.

  10. I am black and I think max is a bch he only sayin this bs so he won't be called racists and that BLM bs rant he went into didn't make no sense I don't think he believes his own bs he shovelin

  11. minority here, i want Gruden over any other coach. idc are they're skin color. if Mike Tomlin as interviewed id still want Gruden.
    p.s. Tomlin is overrated

  12. The rule is not needed anymore. It's not helping minorities get jobs lmao. Basically treats them like canon fodder. Each team has set candidates in mind and will seek them regardless of race. To have them waste the time of random people whom they have no intention of hiring is awful.

  13. Such an asinine rule. The Raiders knew what they wanted, and that was Jon Gruden. If they were in the market for a head coach and wanted to shop around, then fine, mandate that they have to interview minorities too. Instead it's a zero tolerance, one size fits all policy that punishes owners and makes them out to be racists. It's like if you were being chased by someone with a knife. You run across a street to get away and get ticketed for jaywalking. Things ain't black and white, cut and dry.

  14. After seeing this I'm actually against this rule. If I'm trying to to become a head coach for the Raiders and they verbally came out and say they have the man they want to hire, why would I then still try to interview with that team? I understand the rule is for equality but the Raiders organization already said who they wanted as head coach, can't blame the organization for having the minorities show up knowing they had 0 chance of being hired.

  15. This is so stupid. There are a ton of heas coaching opportunities where the teams literally don't know who they want where the Rooney Rule can have great effect and then are a few like the Raiders where it was always done to hire Gruden. A minority could have given the most impressive interview ever and the Raiders would still be hiring Gruden so what's the point in this situation?

  16. What a load of PC crap . A black man would be insulted to interview for a job he knows he is not getting in the first place .

  17. This rule is BS and needs to be destroyed immediately. No minority candidates brought in by the raiders had a real chance because they knew they well ahead of time wanted gruden and nobody else, no stupid rule was gonna change their mind. They satisfied the the requirements laid out by this ridiculous and insulting rule yet people still aren't satisfied. It's best to just get rid of this rule completely, at this point its causing more problems than it fixes. The NBA and MLB have mostly white coaches/managers, yet nobody over there cries that it's because of racism or lack of fair opportunity. The NFL seriously needs to get off their high horse and stop overstepping their boundaries.

  18. Hmm the majority of players are black so let's make a rule that white players have to be worked out before they can work out black players so that everyone gets an equal chance.


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