Laura Ingraham apologizes to David Hogg as advertisers flee

Fox News host Laura Ingraham apologized after publicly taunting Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg on Twitter over his college rejections. Amid the uproar, several companies said they were pulling ads from her show.

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  1. why is nobody talking about his conflicting stories..on the cbs special 39 days he said when he heard about the shooting he jumped on his bike …rode 3 miles to the school….wasnt he in class when it happened..but nobodys bringing that up.

  2. Once you show who you are by expressing your true feelings, an apology showes
    Only how two faced you are,
    Own your feeling Laura there's nothing wrong with being an idiot if that's what you truely are,

  3. So let me get this right. A local boy that is famous for getting himself on TV by harassing a lifeguard, just so happens to go to a school with a shooting. And to add another coincidence all the county sheriff deputies refuse to do their job. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND then the kid that is known in the media already is placed on a pedestal as the great giver of gun control wisdom and is above all reproach. Hmmmmmm…..

  4. This is what happens when adults get so full of themselves harping on agendas, that they don't realize when they need to just shut the f*** up, and at least pretend to be a part of rational society. What an idiot…..

  5. Right, so lefties have no problem when David Hogg makes the NRA, Marco Rubio, or Dana the equivalent to the parkland murderer who gunned down kids in cold blood. Yet you have a problem when someone dares to suggest David was possibly whining about not getting into UCLA, then go and boycott each and every one of there advertisers? It’s no wonder the term libtard was concocted.

    “Yo everyone boycott FedEx”

  6. This wrinkly old hag is WAY past her prime for FOX News channel. She must have thought that they hired her for her journalistic abilities. Welcome to reality, Tomi Lahren's grandmother. The writing is on the wall.

  7. Laura Ingraham epitomizes what is wrong with the most biased National news media outlet on TV today. Fox News is a media outlet that loves to mock and criticize anyone whose opinions, beliefs and agenda does not agree with its agenda and joyfully celebrates making personal attacks against citizens for their opinions and political affiliations. By personally attacking David Hogg for no reason other than to belittle and humiliate him, Laura Ingraham has proven once again how she feels justified in attacking people as long as she can rationalize to herself that the end justifies the means. What happened to personal pride, to personal values, and to personal integrity? Laura Ingraham's apology rings hollow. Her apology is a non-apology. Laura Ingraham loves the fact that she had the power to belittle and humiliate David Hogg and did not apologize because she realized that what she did was cruel, mean spirited and vulgar. She only offered a weak non-apology to protect her ability to continue to attack those weaker than herself.

    I have to wonder how Laura Ingraham would feel if people attacked her family in the cruel, mean spirited way she attacked David Hogg, just because they are her family. David Hogg did nothing wrong other than to have an opinion that offended Laura Ingraham, and because of his beliefs, she felt justified in attacking David Hogg. For anyone choosing to defend her behavior just keep in mind that she attacked David Hogg, not because he did something wrong, but because his opinions don't align with hers. She could just as easily turn her vile filled hatred on you if she decides you don't represent her opinions and beliefs. If that is now acceptable behavior, maybe everyone would be justified in belittling and humiliating her brother, Curtis Ingraham or her children, Michael Dmitri Ingraham, Maria Caroline Ingraham, and Peter Ingraham for no reason other than they are her family. It is known that Laura Ingraham is a vocal opponent of homosexuality and has written many articles against homosexuality and yet her own brother is gay. At age fifty-four, Laura Ingraham has never married; why? What does she have against marriage? Laura Ingraham loves to be righteous and verbally attack and humiliate others. If someone were to dig deeply into her life I would not be surprised if they found quite a few skeletons that would not sit well with the righteous right that she so proudly supports.

    Voltaire is credited with saying, “I wholly disagree with what you say and will contend to the death for your right to say it.”. Sadly, Laura Ingraham doesn't understand the brilliance of that quote or the value of diversity of opinions, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, ideals, and political ideology. Laura Ingraham prefers to support hate mongering and divisiveness. I wonder if she teaches her children to treat others the way she does?

    The divisiveness and hate mongering of the right wing and Donald Trump's Republican party is disgusting, unacceptable and must stop! As a consumer, I do not accept Laura Ingraham's apology and I will personally boycott every advertiser and every product or service represented by those advertisers who choose to align themselves with the divisive hate mongering of Laura Ingraham!

  8. Looks like for Laura Ingraham money talks. This is at least one language she seems to understand. Advertisers' support is where reality sinks in, past conspiracy theories and conservative alternate facts.


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