Judge denies Stormy Daniels’ motion to depose Trump, Cohen

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer talks with Stormy Daniel’s attorney Michael Avenatti after a judge denied Daniels’ request to depose President Trump and Michael Cohen.

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  1. Shitzer is a stud !!! This lawyer is full of shit. Judge just ruled they cannot depose the President. This prick is just another attack dog for the left. His crap wont fly.

  2. The reporters from cnn like to hear, what they want to hear.> Fake media is become a (Powerful) lying tool.
    Journalistic is to informed the people not to confuse the people.> Shame on (Us) People to let iT happen..
    Wolf, Tapper, Andy the Pig, Cuomy an many more, very, very Bad peoples.> CNN (once) the Peoples chanel.
    And all these pigs are miljonairs by spreading only Toxic.> Thats why Trump is a stand in the Way.> Comprenda.

  3. It is just amazing some of the bullshit excuses from Trump lackeys. It's like they don't bother about the actual words coming out their mouths, so long as there are lots of them lol

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  5. Avenatti is going to take Trump down. He’s got him, trump knows it. Avenatti is holding the grip and won’t let go, for no reason. His singing 🎤 down down down 😂

  6. I have seen a lot in my 54 years . To have a group of citizens like CNN and the liberalism. Trying every thing they can to make a American president fail. It is treason. Stormy has no proof that Trump even said hello it is a plot to destroy and discredit the American presidency. What about all the crap the media does how about we start discrediting you bring out any skeleton you have and even make a few up.like you are doing now

  7. They are just seeking the truth, that’s it ? Lol Big liars. Who pays this expensive tv personality lawyer, Stormy Daniels ? There’s no one else behind it ? Why don’t they say their ultimate goal is they want the President to fall ! And the only card they have is the breach of presidential campaign rules by paying government money to silence a witness ! Good luck. I am not a fan of Trump in the slightest by this “all American” charade is a nuisance and a big distraction on the way of real serious issues the World is facing today.

  8. Stormy should have called the police immediately if a man threatened her in a parking lot. She didn't call the police because the confrontation didn't happen. It sounds like something out of a cheap Monday night movie.


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