Joe Arpaio explains Senate run

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio discusses his run for the US Senate and his past statements about President Obama’s birth certificate.

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  1. Arpaio??…what the hell kind of a name is that? Some kinda foreign guy, maybe an italian?
    Sure don't sound american to me. Has anybody checked his birth certificate?

  2. "i guess i'm doing something right" lol the only thing this guy does right is age…he really needs to speed that up tho haha

  3. I agree that Arpaio is a criminal and a POS but would it also be worse to have celebrities become politicians?! Both conservatives and liberals are just as bad and are white supremacists.

  4. Not racial profiling. I'm not a racist, but hear me out. Lets make up a Hypothetical situation. If you were a police officer, lets say in a rough area, and you were on the look out for a serial killer, what would you be on the look out for the most? A black person or other people of color? man or woman? well, according to statistics, the guilty individual would more than likely be a WHITE MAN. A serial rapist….you guessed it! WHITE MAN! a gangbanger….I'll leave that up to you guys to decide. If I say it I'll be labeled a racist.

  5. This old bastard deserves a flogging and if he survives that he should be flung into a federal prison fer making a mockery of the US' human rights laws. This is what happens when you can be a sheriff by simply getting elected. No need for training in law or the principals of common decency. Look at his face and remember him. I hope he dies in agony of cancer after years of pain.

  6. he is worst than trump. he can barely speak. this fucking old man are the last generation of hateful pieces of shit. they need to just fucking die and to never be remembered.

  7. Another Republican convicted of Federal crimes running for office. This certainly isn’t what our founding fathers had in mind for this country.

  8. of course you support him, you are a criminal, criminals always support other criminals. Its the rule, well more like guidelines.

  9. The lying cunt claimed that he was in the Army during the Korean War but "forgot" to mention that he was stationed in France.

  10. This moron is peddling the Orley Taitz bile. I look forward to the day he gets his just reward for accepting a contrived pardon from a president with questionable motifs. His ingratitude is rank and so he should be made accountable for the manner in which he continues to insult the justice system he fell foul of. This man needs to be keeping the company of the very people he has locked up as just reward for his wicked and racist actions…


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