ICE raids 7-Eleven stores across the country

ICE Acting Director Tom Homan on ICE’s raids of 7-Eleven stores across the country, a border wall and immigration reform.

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  1. Creating yet another problem. They don't have jobs so then what? Selling drugs, criminal activity, and whatever it takes to get by. It's just ridiculous.

  2. "We're ruining the lives of working people because we didn't allow them to come here with our bullshit standards, despite them usually working harder than us for less money."

    Y'all, eating a deer's brain from its head: Yeehaw!!! 🌟Yes my kings!!! 💕 fuck em up ice daddy😍 we love you!!

  3. Need to do this at tech companies also They're bringing in People from India Asia etc to do jobs instead of training Americans

  4. If you claim that you love God and yet you do not love your fellow man, then you are a liar and the Love which is God is not in you. Return to the Holy Law. Those who abandon the Holy Law will be dismayed whom God considers the heathen. Do not take the life of any living thing nor condone the taking of life of any living thing. Only God gives life and only God has the right to take life back into Himself. Love your fellow man and all God's creatures. Love your Mother who is the earth and all creation and the Heavenly Father will come and heal our world. Peace be with you.

  5. Ok this is the first thing trump has done that makes since they need to in force this more and we would have more jobs

  6. Go to my neighbors home next, please! There is about 20 "hispanics" living there. They have mattress set up in the garage and a home depot bucket used for a toilet


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