Helicopter crashes in east river off Manhattan, New York, 5 dead

Five people have been killed after a passenger helicopter crashed in New York City, officials have confirmed.

Emergency services were at the scene of the crash along the East River FDR Drive in New York City on Sunday night.

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Comment (36)

  1. Boy! there has been a lot of aircraft falling out of the sky lately! I wonder who was on that chopper! but Hopefully it means that there is 5 less scumbags on the planet! No Joke!

  2. straight hit,
    pilot " manages to free himself"
    5 dead
    smh …but then again no ones gonna question it or care in a couple days 🙂
    great business!

  3. We Need to Have a Complete Ban on Helicopters in America. These Assault weapon Style Helicopters Continually Crash and Kill Innocent Americans lives. I'm Terrorized every single day with the Fear that a Black Semi Automatic Helicopter with Rotor Blades that Spin Thousands of times a Second will come crashing down and Kill me or my Kids. BAN HELICOPTERS NOW!!!!

  4. But they can only film flashing lights…such GARBAGE!!
    I bet here wasn’t an accident, I bet this is entirely staged.

  5. Scene of the crash was in the river why is Emergency services along the river and saying on scene? No Boats?

  6. Pilot and company might catch trouble for passengers not getting a good safety briefing on how to operate the safety belt buckles. Some aviation buckles are a total pain. Then if they disabled and quick release by pressing or pulling the chest button well that major trouble.

  7. Dead rotting americunts? Great news to start the day, that's less incest, dog fucking, terrorism, westernism and judaism, cheers 👍


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