Former VA Secretary Shulkin reacts to ouster

David Shulkin responds to criticisms of Veterans Affairs leadership.

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Comment (34)

  1. Seriously…Does Trump have any balls left. Trump fired people on his SHOW every episode IN PERSON!!!!!!! When it comes to REAL life……Trump tweets or has someone else do the firing!!!! No wonder Trump got out of VIETNAM……Trump can't face reality and he shows it everyday. What an embarrassment to the USA!!!!!! Trump grabs his own pussy!!!! Hell…….his own WIFE won't sleep with him!!!!! Warning….DO NOT use a blue light on Trumps living quarters…………….

  2. You never met our needs and so you were fired. The VA has been disgraceful in the way they dealt with veterans. Finally some movement in this frustrating thing called the VA. Shulkin you and yours did nothing

  3. It's worth millions to Trump if he can put Halliburton in charge of the VA. Halliburton would make billions and would be more than happy to stay in Trump hotels while they rake in the dough.

  4. Man Up and face reality, he was not getting his job done he was hired to do like speeding up doctor visits for all vets, etc..he just did not get the job he leaves kicking the can down the road crying about it like a damn child..this problem is much much bigger than him, it's about people's lives!!! He needs to go grow up!

  5. History of the Veterans Affairs and its Abuses
    1789 – The new U.S. government passes legislation ensuring pensions for disabled Revolutionary War veterans.

    1812 – The Naval Home, a facility for disabled veterans, opens in Philadelphia.

    1833 – Congress establishes the Bureau of Pensions to assist veterans.

    1862 – During the Civil War, Congress passes a bill allowing the president to purchase land for national cemeteries. Between 1865 and 1870, 70 national cemeteries open for burial of Union soldiers.

    1865 – At the end of the U.S Civil War, there are 1.9 million Union veterans. Congress authorizes the National Asylum of Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, a system of residences for disabled and indigent veterans.

    1912 – Congress passes the Sherwood Act, guaranteeing pensions for Union veterans of the Civil War and veterans of the Mexican-American War, regardless of their health.

    1924 – Congress passes the World War Adjustment Compensation Act, a system of bonuses for veterans of World War I. Any veteran entitled to more than $50 is given a certificate payable 20 years in the future and worth about $1,500.

    October 1929 – Stock Market Crash and so begins the Great Depression.

    July 21, 1930 – President Herbert Hoover signs an executive order consolidating the Veterans' Bureau, the Bureau of Pensions and the National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers into the Veterans Administration. The VA has a budget of $786 million and serves 4.6 million veterans.

    1931-1941 – The VA builds 27 new hospitals, bringing the total to 91.

    July 21, 1932 – During the Great Depression, thousands of World War I veterans march on Washington, DC, to demand payment of their bonuses. Nicknamed the "Bonus Army", they consist of black and white veterans who dwell peaceably in Washington D.C. even living and working together, unheard of at the time and long before equal rights existed for blacks. After President Hoover and the Congress order the marchers, their wives, and children forcibly removed with gas, sabers, cavalry, soldiers, and tanks. Conspicuously led by General Douglas MacArthur, Army troops (including Major George S. Patton, Jr. and Dwight D. Eisenhower) formed infantry cordons and began pushing the veterans out, destroying their makeshift camps as they went. Although no weapons were fired, cavalry advanced with swords drawn, and some blood was shed. By nightfall, hundreds had been injured by gas (including a baby who died), bricks, clubs, bayonets, and sabers. The VA pays their transportation costs home. Congress authorizes early payment of the bonuses in 1936.

    1933 – The VA establishes the Board of Veterans' Appeals.

    June 22, 1944 – During World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt signs into law the Servicemen's Readjustment Act, also known as the "G.I. Bill of Rights," a package of education benefits, federally guaranteed loans, and unemployment compensation.

    1945 – At the end of World War II, there are approximately 15 million veterans in the United States, and all 97 VA hospitals are filled to capacity. In response, the VA opens 54 new hospitals over the next five years.

    1958 – Congress pardons Confederate service members and extends benefits to the ONE remaining survivor.

    1973 – The VA takes over the administration of the National Cemetery System, with the exception of Arlington National Cemetery and the Soldier's Home National Cemetery.

    1983 – The Agent Orange study is transferred to the Centers for Disease Control.

    1988 – The U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims is founded. It gives those who served in the military a chance to challenge individual decisions made by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    March 15, 1989 – Legislation is enacted elevating the Veterans Administration to Cabinet status, and renaming it the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    March 1991 – The VA orders Veterans Affairs Medical Center, in North Chicago, to stop performing vascular and orthopedic surgeries after the deaths of more than 40 patients in 1989 and 1990. After a review of the cases, the VA accepts responsibility for the deaths of eight patients.

    2006 – Two teens steal a laptop computer and external hard drive containing the personal information of approximately 26 million veterans from the home of a VA data analyst. The laptop and hard drive are later recovered and FBI testing suggests that the data was never accessed. In 2009, the VA pays $20 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by veterans.

    February 2009 – The VA notifies more than 6,000 patients who went to Alvin C. York VA Medical Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, that they may have been exposed to infectious diseases at the clinic due to contaminated endoscopic equipment.

    February 2009 – The Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia, notifies more than 1,200 people that they may have been treated with contaminated equipment.

    March 2009 – The VA sends letters to more than 3,000 people who may have had colonoscopies at VA facilities in Miami, warning that they may have been exposed to hepatitis and HIV. According to hospital officials, a review of safety procedures found that tubing used in endoscope procedures was rinsed but not disinfected.

    2010 – The VA notifies more than 1,800 veterans treated at the John Cochran VA hospital in St. Louis that they may have been exposed to infectious diseases during dental procedures.

    July 2010 – The VA unveils new regulations making it easier for men and women who served in the armed forces to receive benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder. Under the new rules a veteran only needs to demonstrate that he or she served in a war and performed a job during which events could have happened that could cause the disorder.

    November 2010 – The VA announces that it will cover disability compensation for an additional three diseases linked to Agent Orange exposure among Vietnam veterans. They are hairy cell leukemia, Parkinson's disease and ischemic heart disease.

    2011 – Nine Ohio veterans test positive for hepatitis after routine dental work at a VA clinic in Dayton, Ohio. A dentist at the VA medical center there acknowledged not washing his hands or even changing gloves between patients for 18 years.

    February 2011-November 2012 – An outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease at VA facilities in Pennsylvania kills at least six veterans.

    November 2013 – A CNN investigation shows that veterans are dying because of long waits and delayed care at U.S. veterans hospitals. The VA has confirmed six deaths tied to delays at the Williams Jennings Bryan Dorn Veterans Medical Center in Columbia, South Carolina.

    April 2014 – Retired VA physician Dr. Sam Foote tells CNN that the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system maintained a secret list of patient appointments, designed to hide the fact that patients were waiting months to be seen. At least 40 patients died while waiting for appointments, according to Foote, though it is not clear they were all on secret lists.

    May 9, 2014 – The scheduling scandal widens as a Cheyenne, Wyoming, VA employee is placed on administrative leave after an email surfaces in which the employee discusses "gaming the system a bit" to manipulate waiting times. The suspension comes a day after a scheduling clerk in San Antonio admitted to "cooking the books" to shorten apparent waiting times. Three days later, two employees in Durham, North Carolina, are placed on leave over similar allegations.

    May 20, 2014 – The VA's Office of the Inspector General announces it is investigating 26 agency facilities for allegations of doctored waiting times.

    May 28, 2014 – A preliminary report by the VA's inspector general indicates at least 1,700 veterans waiting to see a doctor were never scheduled for an appointment and were never placed on a secret waiting list at the Veterans Affairs medical center in Phoenix and 42 other VAs are being investigated for similar lists.

    August 26, 2014 – The VA Implements Training Slides For Interacting With Veterans

    April 1, 2015 – An Amputee Veteran has to have an x-ray to prove he is an amputee

    Apr 17, 2015 – Senator: Veterans Still Losing Gun Rights Because of VA Reporting
    WASHINGTON — A Senate panel chairman rekindled a debate Wednesday over whether veterans who cannot manage their own benefits should be considered "mentally defective" by the FBI and barred from buying guns.
    Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder saying veterans issued a fiduciary by the Department of Veterans Affairs are still being automatically flagged in the electronic database used to vet firearms sales across the country.
    Past analysis has found more than 99 percent of the names listed as mentally defective in the FBI's database came from the VA, and the issue has caused heated debates on Capitol Hill in recent years.
    "Congress needs to understand what justifies taking such action without more due process protections for the veteran," Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, wrote in the letter to Holder.
    The VA can decide that a veteran is no longer mentally fit to handle benefits and finances and will then appoint what is called a fiduciary, often a family member but sometimes an outside party who manages their affairs.
    The names of veterans who receive that designation are also submitted to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which must be used by gun dealers to run a background check before making a sale. The VA said Thursday that it still reports the information according to the federal requirements in the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act.

  6. Brett is a never Trumper and quintessential example of how sad Fox is. There are a few programs worthwhile, but most are clearly leftist and never Trumpers. Brett always has panels that go along with his hate for Trump. I always remember election night and especially when they realized that their hopes were dashed. Look at the body language and listen to Brett. Rush did say that Brett plays golf very well, therefore he does have a redeeming quality.

  7. Rear Admiral Ronny L. Jackson official bio: Not just bubblehead turned White House physician for the past three administrations. He was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as the emergency medicine physician in charge of resuscitative medicine for a forward deployed Surgical Shock Trauma Platoon in Taqaddum, Iraq. He is also designated as a diving and undersea medical officer, naval parachutist, Fleet Marine Force Warfare qualified officer, and submarine warfare qualified medical officer. Shulkin, the first non-veteran to hold the post of Secretary of Veterans Affairs, was appointed by Obama for his administrative skills: Think Trump just felt veterans would be better served by a veteran running Veterans Affairs, like every administration since the department was formed, except for Obama?

  8. How would all active duty and military veterans like Free lifetime health care? No Politician will ever do much if anything to help you. I already have the solution that can be used world wide for everyone. When all the politicians and lobbyists are gone the solution will be waiting.

  9. Appoint Me…..I'm A 7th Generation Marine, My Youngest Uncle Was In Walter Reed And I Saw Rats, Roaches,Silverfish And A Total Lack Of Care For Nam Vets And The VA Damn Near Killed Me With Psychotropics.When I Turned To Weed, I Was Threatened With Rehab….MOTHERFUCKIN' UNION ASSHOLES

  10. Tue January 16, 2018 Doctor, Ronny Jackson:
    Trump's cognitive health was a focus going into Friday's medical exam with Jackson and his team, and the President himself asked the doctor conduct a cognitive test.
    "I have absolutely no concerns about his cognitive ability," Jackson said, noting that Trump scored at 30 out of 30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test.

    Trump regularly "speaks his mind," Jackson said, and the doctor "found no reason whatsoever to think that the President has any issues whatsoever with his thought process."
    This clearly shows the IMPAIRED INTELLECT of out President who clearly is suffering the effects of advancing DEMENTIA.
    Crazy Joe Biden 47th Vice President of the United States,
    "Little Marco" Rubio— Dumb
    "Lyin' Ted" — Dumb, Veering On Weak
    "Low Energy Jeb" — Weak
    "Crooked Hillary" — Pretty Dumb
    "Crazy Bernie" — Weak And Dumb
    "Goofy Elizabeth Warren" — Weak
    “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren
    “Little Adam” Schiff
    “Leakin Monster of no control “Adam Schiff
    “Sloppy Steve” Bannon
    “Dickey” Durban
    “Sneaky Dianne” Feinstein
    Jeff “Flakey” Jeff Flake
    “Liddle Bob” Corker
    Al “Frankenstein” Former U.S. Senator Al Franken
    “Wackey” congresswoman Wilson
    “Crying Chuck” Schumer
    ‘’Fake Tears’’ Schumer
    ‘’Big Luther’’ Luther Strange U.S. Senator from Alabama
    ‘Wacky Glenn Beck’’ Glenn Beck Talk show host
    ‘’Sloppy Michael Moore’’ Michael Moore U.S. doc. filmmaker,
    activist and author
    “Crazy Jim” Acosta, reporter
    “Sleepy eyes“ reporter Chuck Todd
    “Dumb as a rock” Mika Brzezinski
    “Psycho Joe” Scaroborough
    “Crazy” Megyn Kelly
    ‘’Leakin'’ James Comey
    ‘’Lying James’’ Comey
    ‘’Sanctimonious’’ James Comey
    ‘’Puppet Jones’’ Doug Jones U.S. Senator from Alabama
    ‘’Lamb the Sham’’ Conor Lamb 2018 newly elected candidate in Pennsylvania
    ‘McMuffin Evan’ McMullin Former CIA Operations Officer, Independent presidential candidate
    ‘’Little George’’ George Stephanopoulos ABC News anchor
    ‘’Dopey Sugar’’ Alan Sugar British businessman and host of The Apprentice
    ‘’Little Katy’’ Katy Tur Correspondent for NBC News
    ‘’Sir Charles’’ Charles Goldstein Real Estate Lawyer, Holocaust Victims Advocate
    “ Mr. Magoo” Jeff Sessions.
    ‘’A Sleeping Son Of A Bitch' Chuck Todd at Rally.

    These are the words of our 71 year old PRESIDENT who has the MENTALITY and DISPOSITION OF A TEN YEAR OLD.


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