Former intel Chiefs: Putin is playing Trump

CNN’s Jim Acosta reports on President Donald Trump’s accomplishments during his trip to Asia.

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  1. Trump admires foreign tyrants and their ability to get away with jailing or murdering political opponents and journalists, their ability to control the media and their ability to use government positions to skim off vast amounts of wealth. Trump is not at all comfortable with the news media, social media and some members of Congress holding Trump accountable to conform to the US Constitution, to obey US laws and to be a servant of the people placing the good of the people ahead of Trump's need to enrich himself and lord it over everyone else.

  2. intel chiefs? haha more like corrupt liars, if anyone got played by Putin it was Hussein who let them get our uranium, take over former soviet countries and shoot down an airliner amongst other things, sheesh you bitches are stupid

  3. Forget about hillary, all you saying its fake news, I hope they have your names on a list. But these are words coming out your president. its not unusual, heck, he would grab your daughters, Mothers and grandmothers pussy if you let him. Just like hes going to take you to the cleaners and not look back at you trump tards. anyway, time will tell. Fake news or no news, time will tell. and im going to have a party when they prove that he was nothing but a sorry wanna be gangster.

  4. Racism and the inability for white folks to see the true face of Donnie, has put him in a position of doing for himself instead of the country. He belittles all and everybit of information found by the news, to include always misleading the dumb american hopefuls. You put him there, you better pay attention because your russian sympathizing president is all about his reception and pomp by other countries, while you sit and wait with your thumb up your arse. LOL so stereotypical of third string americans so called bluecollar workers, that rely on a rich shit head that does not give our system credit.

  5. If the dossier is true, and the Russians have evidence of the salacious act, then these guys have a point. If the dossier is an over-capitalized lie funded by political opposition, then these guys are clowns, and the "Russian Collusion" narrative is a pile of leftist propaganda perpetuated by fake news media. The DNC download and leak to Wikipedia had nothing whatsoever to do with Russia or "collusion".


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