Baker at center of SCOTUS gay wedding cake case speaks out

On ‘Fox & Friends,’ Jack Phillips discusses the backlash after he denied a same-sex couple’s cake request.

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  1. 1933 The National Socialist Party Civil Service Law Bans Jews from working in Civil Service, Practicing Law or Medicine.

    So which professions do the oh so Tolerant Socialists of today want to ban certain religions from?

  2. Can anyone explain how this case is different than owning a, 'White's only,' bakery that refuses to cater to black Americans?

  3. It's unfortunate that the gay population used to define themselves as artists ..Now all the liberal policies have polluted the artistic world.. you cannot make an artist create art that does not go along with his ability to express himself. Please, small businesses, find a way to subvert these liberal laws and maintain your integrity.

  4. Tolerance has to work in both directions. Find a gay cake maker.The "gay couple" had the option of going to another bakery

  5. No offense to the gay couple
    Me as a black man somebody doesn’t want serve me or treaty me fairly because of my skin , on to the next ain’t got time for this BS. Why is this even news ?!?!

  6. Human rights abuses are always thought to take place overseas.The minorities are guilty of human rights abuses.When you're given rights,and you abuse them by using them to destroy people who don't agree with you,you deserve to lose them.

  7. The only minority that should decide America's future is the government.Not the lgbt minority.Not the black minority.Not the muslim minority.Who the fuck do those people think they are,telling a majority what they're allowed to think,say and do?

  8. My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, we have to lift each other up in prayer 🙏🏼. I pray for all Christ followers every day that God will protect, guide and fill us with The Holy Spirit.

  9. Also why would want a cake baked by someone who is anti-gay? you don't know if he'll spit in your cake or try to poison you, 'cause I remember something like that happened when these Christians didn't know a bake shop was owned by an atheist, so they decided that they didn't want him to make them a cake, 'cause they were smart to think maybe this guy might poison us.

  10. I'm a Christian and believe in the Bible, but it is discrimination to not bake a cake for someone based on their sexual orientation, but if his business is private then he has every right to discriminate.

  11. This issue is not homosexuals versus everybody else. It is driven by the Church of an Ever-Expanding Government (the CEEG) that has been subduing the American people over the last 50+ years.

    1. Civil rights for black people. The most innocent looking campaign.

    2. The criminalization of men's natural authority in marriage. Probably the biggest power grab ever. The turning point in American history. Ironically, forced gender equality is annihilating poor black people.

    2a. Same-sex (homosexual) marriage. Same-sex marriage was like flies on a cadaver after marriage had already been destroyed.

    3. This issue. This is another big power grab. The CEEG is using homosexuality like it used race and then gender.

    I suspect this power grab will fail at this time, but it will eventually succeed. If the CEEG wins this case, hold onto your hats.

  12. The gay couple should go find a Muslim baker bet he would take them to a roof top and teach them how to fly.
    In Canada he would then be awarded millions of dollars.

  13. Most places reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Next time he should just refuse service and not explain why. They should've just went to another bakery. If they went to a Muslim bakery they would've said no but you never hear that.

  14. Faith has no place in business. If you serve the public, and choose to be open to the public, you are legally bound to serve everyone fairly.

    You aren't an artist. You're a glorified cook. Deal with it.

    If you want to bake for religious zealots, open a bakery in a diocese. If you want the public's attention and interest, and MONEY…guess what, you're working for everyone equally.

    Get over yourselves.

  15. You expect us to love and respect gays when they dont love or respect our decision not to make cake for them!! Typical athiest gays!! Sad evil world

  16. This seems Easley, simply clear to me. isn't a man a man? isn't a woman a woman? Maybe? gays and liberals have a small leg to stand on?

  17. Fuck this pile of shit, I hope his business goes bankrupt. He's a filthy traitor to this country and an enemy of liberty.


  19. hold on one dam minute, the gays are demanding a cake to be made in a way he cant make it, its not about having 2 guys names on the dam cake, and wedding cakes almost never have names on it. it is what they are demanding, is it a dick cake they are demanding??? we are not being told the entire truth here by the media.

  20. Fox news, you need to vet your comments because there's more hate speech spewing here. It boils over and you're just as guilty as everyone else for allowing it to happen.

  21. This is nothing new they’ve already gone over this thing and destroyed one family in Oregon alone because they refused to do the same thing The two lesbian women that wanted their wedding cake made could’ve passed about 50 bakeries along the way to go from their end of the county clear out to the Gresham Oregon Christian couples bakery. Not to mention that they set them up by going to t their store at a time prior buying bakery items and then they go in and set them up Knowing they’re Christians and against homosexuality and lesbianism so the whole thing is beyond ignorant people need to wrap their heads around their own business and quit screwing around forcing all the rest of us to go along with bullshit I don’t care what anybody does as long as they’re not hurting anybody and not bothering me with their stupid knock it off grow up Children are being stolen and murdered wake up you morons pay attention to reality for a change said Barry Soetero

  22. He did not refuse to make a cake for a same sex couple. That is blatantly false. He refused to make a cake for a same sex wedding.

  23. Separation of church and state. Your views on what things should be are not protected nor should they be. Allowing a business to discriminate against something like this opens up that whole "colored's only thing". Maybe my religion says jews are bad, so now i don't have to serve them. Maybe i work in a government office….. Slippery slope this one.


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