Anti North Korea protest staged before concert in Seoul

South Korean activists protested near a theatre where Kim Jong Un’s sister and the South’s President were to watch a Northern musical display in the culmination of their Olympic rapprochement.

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  1. North Korea has a Crater lake just like Oregon, I really hope for the best in regards to North Korea, I hope that communications open up, I want to see that lake.

  2. Can't wait til Americans can walk into noko, ima piss and shit on his dad and grandpas GRAVES.
    Kim's sister loves American dick, SHE just told me. "She love it lo8=========Dng long time". Put it in her ass makes her giggle and wiggle. Mr. Pence should not have to acknowledge noko since they have done nothing but threaten America.
    #(Ck) common knowledge

  3. Trump need not be foolish when it comes to firing a preemptive strike because we'll have 3 to 4 other countries to fire back at us


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