7 Bodies That Weigh 165 Pounds (360 Video)

No matter your weight, we’re all beautiful in our own way. Captured by Samsung #Gear360


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Comment (44)

  1. I used to be 165 and I'm 4'11, but I didn't even look overweight. I'm sure people wouldve been confused as heeeeellllll if I was in this vid xDDD

  2. don't really believe that some of those people are only 165lb, couple of the women are way bigger than i am and i'm around 200lb, size 8 and about 5'6, i mean i work out and am pretty densely made bone wise and muscle wise but still…

  3. I hate these 360° things, please stop doing them. Most people don't have a headset, and those who don't have the headsets with them.

  4. im trying to find a kirby superstar game and most of them are over-priced and used this is what is bothering me? pls buzzfeed, pls.

  5. Also a lot of people tend to forget that fat and muscle are different things. A healthy bodybuilder can weight 200 pounds while an obesse 30 year old could weight the same and still look fatter and way unhealthier and less attractive. Its not that fat makes you unattractive its being unhealthy what does. But you guys simply look for an excuse to be unhealthy


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