100 Million Americans Have High Blood Pressure Under New Guidelines | NBC Nightly News

The American Heart Association’s new guidelines now define high blood pressure as anything above 130 over 80, which triples the diagnosis among men and doubles it among women who are under 45.
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100 Million Americans Have High Blood Pressure Under New Guidelines | NBC Nightly News

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Comment (16)

  1. Umm take a look around when you go out today…they are mostly beached whales wobbling around..those Americans with the high blood pressure..the rest are alcoholics.

  2. Of course this has NOTHING to do with the pharmaceutical companies' desire to sell more drugs to us overweight Americans. Suuuuure!

  3. Would love to be an executive for the pharmacutical companies making high blood pressure meds if people fall for this farce….lol!

  4. Really.um then stop putting corn syrup in everything.half of Americans are diabetic. Because of all the sugars In the foods.you can trace just about all the Medical problems in America from the crap that's put in our food.
    People are over weight because of the crap in the food they eats.

  5. I was prescribed a blue bps.pill it was giving me a headache every day….i ran out of pill… and the headache stoped….

  6. Gee, I guess that means 100 million more Americans need to be medicated..$$ 😉 Oh let's just lower the body Mass Index standards (again) as well, all men over 165 pounds, you are obese!…and pre-diabetics?, lets just call you diabetic…afterall, 70% of Americans taking some form of medication or another, simply isn't enough … we need 99% of the country to be on one or more medications and eating McDonald's in order to turn a good profit now-a-days. Wake up folks, the joke is on us. Run a mile, do 40 pushups, walk 2 more miles, eat frigging lettuce, and apples, and healthy lean meats, and healthy fats, don't eat processed stuff, certainly not everyday, and you just might not need Big Pharma until you're 70, or 80 or so.


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